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Pokeball  Links to other great Pokémon related websites. I hope you’ll find them helpful, informative and fun!

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This is Nintendo’s Pokémon TCG webpage. The site to get the official word from TCPi (The Pokémon Company Inc.) on a variety of Pokémon related information.

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The most comprehensive searchable Pokémon TCG database on the web.

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The BEST Pokémon site on the Internet!

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The Compendium is a place where any Pokémon player, judge, league leader, or tournament organizer can access and obtain answers to rulings on any question regarding the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). An amazing resource.

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Go to PUI’s Card-Dex and print out tournament legal card translations.  This is a great resource to learn about what cards are in each set and what they do.

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SixPrizes began with the goal to create one Pokémon TCG strategy article per day to be viewed and discussed by readers. A great resource to find legitimate information on deck building and strategy.

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This is a Premium Membership site with a subscription service. By signing up, you gain exclusive access to all the Premium articles written on ProPokemon for $6 a month.

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This is a web site ran by Randy Curry who runs events on the spacecoast of Florida.