Player Responsibility

Player Responsibilities

Welcome players to the Regional Championship! Please take the time to read everything in this document. If you decide not to read this you will still be accountable for the contents. Below are some guidelines on how to have a successful day.

We will do all that we can to make sure this is the best regional experience it can be!

  • No outside food or drink in the venue
  • Don’t change your deck! Your deck must match your deck list at all times
  • Required items: Special Markers, Randomizer (Dice or Coin) and Damage counters
  • Buying and selling cards is prohibited. Trading is allowed
  • Only players currently playing matches are allowed in the tournament area

 During the round

  • Deck must be kept straight, in a north-south orientation
  • Draw one card at a time. If you draw several cards at once and draw too many penalties will be assessed
  • Players are required to play in a timely manner, regardless of the complexity of the situation
  • Required actions must happen, such as flipping for asleep or drawing a prize.
  • A card is considered played when you place it on the field and take you hand off it
  • Your search is considered over once you start to shuffle
  • You may always ask your opponent for a take back
  • Don’t take short cuts! Make sure actions are clear to your opponent
  • If a problem occurs in your match, call a judge. Please don’t try to fix it yourself!
  • If you call a judge and don’t agree with the ruling, you have the right to respectfully appeal to the head judge
  • Make sure all cards attached to your Pokémon are visible at all times
  • You may not set any timing device that lets you know how much time is left in the match
  • You may not determine a game by a random method
  • You may not offer anything to your opponent to take a win, loss or tie. You can ask your opponent if they would like to tie, but you may not pressure, manipulate or intimidate them into it
  • If you are 10 minutes late to the match it is a loss and you must see the computer person to stay in the event
  • If you would like to drop. The drop sheet will be located near the computers.  You must drop by the end of the round.  If your game goes to time and you didn’t win come up with the winner to drop.
  • You are expected to play fairly and have good sportsmanship, dress appropriately and keep your language PG
  • Lost and found will be located at the computers


  • Before you set up for game 1, flip or roll and the winner decides who will go first.  For games 2 and 3 the non-winner decides before set up.  The player who goes first can’t attack.
  • If you have no basic Pokémon, you reveal your hand after your opponent has placed a basic and prizes.
  • Extra draws for mulligans are done after all the mulligans have been resolved. You must announce how many extra cards you will be drawing before you draw the first one.
  • Incomplete games don’t count in best 2 out of 3 Swiss rounds.
  • Pokémon Catcher now requires a heads flip to be successful.

Match Slip

  • Before disrupting the game state! If you won, circle the number on your side of the match slip that corresponds to the specific game number in your match.
  • If the match ends in a tie, then circle tie on each side.
  • Once the match is over, if there is a clear winner, then circle the correct outcome by your name.
  • Failure to properly fill out a match slip may result in a game loss
  • Winner walks the slip to the computer station and places it in the proper age division container.

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